What do we look for on our RV routes?

              As full time RVers there is no right or wrong way to choose your route or plan, there are those that plan ahead, and those that do not.  Either type is totally fine and both types have pros and cons, but we personally choose to plan… and because of b.e.happe… we HAVE to plan ahead!

              Running a small business in general is not for the faint of heart whether that’s an online store, a store front, or a business from a sticks and bricks home. Running a business while constantly on the move definitely adds to the degree of difficulty.  That said, we need to plan ahead and make reservations for the purposes of Mail, Inventory and Materials, Shows and Fairs, etc.  I will do another blog in the future about HOW we manage our mail and logistics for the business, because full time RVers know this can be a moving target, but we have a great system. 

Some of the things that we look for when choosing a place to stay:

  • Weather: We are chasing sandal weather.    So warmer climates, void of snow, are our preference!  Pretty incredible since I make a cold/cooler weather product huh?  One of my favorite activities though is making hats from the beach! 


  • Surrounding Area Attractions: Prior to Covid this was a much bigger factor.  We wanted to explore new cities, restaurants, attractions, historical areas and national parks.  Right now we seek out outdoor activities such as hiking, beach days or bike rides, but avoid crowds. 


  • Spaciousness of Sites: This literally means, how close or far away are we from the next RV?  Some places like state parks or ACOE campgrounds can have tons of room and space.  Other locations, like popular campgrounds in Florida, can pack you in like sardines.  With 3 kids and a dog, we prefer a little space between us and our neighbors…for our sanity and theirs! 


  • Amenities & Internet: Does the campground have a pool, good laundry facilities (we do not have a washer/dryer in our RV), playgrounds or nice areas for the kids to ride their bikes or rollerblades?  We also read campground reviews for how good the internet is or is not.  We have a couple of Internet sources we’ll explain in the future… but this is something that we rely on heavily for work and play, so it’s important to us.  Other things that we consider are: how close are we to a post office so b.e.happe can ship out products, does the location accept packages, are there Amazon lockers close?


  • Atmosphere: This can be hard to gauge if we haven’t stayed somewhere before but what we mean by this is how much noise there is in the area, is the location safe or better yet, gated, and does the location attract newer RV’s or older RV’s?  We love a great view or water feature like the ocean or a lake. We also enjoy a mixture of being off the grid versus being in a campground around others. This aspect may sound bad but when you live in a home on wheels, making sure that your family gets a good, quiet night of sleep, safely, and is surrounded by fellow RVers who are respectful and have good RV’s and equipment, all makes its way in to our decision on what we are looking for at that specific time. 


This all said and considered, these aspects also depend on how long our stay will be, or if we are simply needing a pass-through point to check something off of our bucket list.  In many cases now we stay at Harvest Hosts if it is just one night from point A to point B, and we will explain those, plus give some reviews of our TOP RV Campgrounds in a future blog post. 

As we sprinkle in more of our Full time RV life to the blog, we’ll share more details on how we find campgrounds, as well as reviews about our favorite spots and future plans and routes!  I’m hopeful that 2021 is safe enough for in person shows and fairs and I’ll share with you where b.e.happe plans to be!  Maybe we’ll see you on the road! 


Have questions or comments?  Leave them below, we want to hear from you!