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11 Kid-Friendly Trails at Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is the perfect destination for a family vacation or RV trip with the family. With stunning views, breathtaking hikes, and a variety of activities to choose from, there’s something for everyone in your family at Glacier National Park. If you’re looking to explore Glacier National Park with your kids, here are 11 kid-friendly trails that they will love.

Trail of the Cedars

This 1 mile loop is perfect for families with young children. The Trail of the Cedars hike in Glacier National Park follows along a boardwalk through an old-growth forest filled with towering cedars and hemlocks, offering plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife such as deer and black bears. This trail has a bathroom at the parking lot area and is along a boardwalk making it wheelchair and stroller friendly!

Avalanche Lake

This 4.5 mile roundtrip hike takes you to one of the most popular destinations in Glacier National Park – Avalanche Lake. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of time to look for wildlife and take in the beautiful scenery that Glacier National Park has to offer. At the lake itself, you can spend some time exploring or just enjoying the view from its shores. Bathroom facilities are available at the parking area of this hike!

Aster Falls + Aster Park Trail

This family friendly hike at Glacier National Park has two hike options. The 2.8-mile roundtrip hike takes you past Aster Falls and into Aster Park where you can explore meadows filled with wildflowers and babbling brooks lined with trees and shrubs. For those families looking for more adventure, there is also a 4-mile round-trip hike that takes you even further into Glacier National Park. Check the business hours of the Two Medicine Campstore when you are hiking these trails as that is where the bathrooms are looked for this hike!

Virginia Falls

The Viriginia Falls hike at Glacier National Park must be on the list for your family! This 3.6-mile roundtrip hike will take you up to one of Glacier National Park’s most spectacular waterfalls—Virginia Falls! Along the way, you’ll pass through meadows filled with wildflowers before making it to your final destination where you can take in views of cascading water from above. Bathrooms are available at Virginia Falls during business hours only..

Grinnell Lake

This 3-mile out-and-back trail takes you around Grinnell Lake where you can observe wildlife such as moose and beaver on its shores or look for signs of grizzly bear activity among its trees and bushes. This family friendly hike at Glacier National Park also has a boat dock at the lake if your kids want a break from hiking. Make it a day here and bring your suits to play in the lake! There is a bathroom facility available at the boat dock.

Apikuni Falls

This 1.7 mile round trip hike passes through meadows filled with flowers before reaching Apikuni Falls where visitors can take in views of this magnificent waterfall from several observation points along its banks. The closest bathroom here is at Many Glacier Hotel so definitely plan accordingly with this family hike at Glacier National Park.

Hidden Lake Overlook

The Hidden Lake Overlook may be our families favorite hike at Glacier National Park. And in our opinion, the best hike at Glacier National Park. This 2.7 mile out-and-back trail takes hikers up to one of Glacier National Park's most spectacular overlooks where they can see stunning views of Hidden Lake below them as well as surrounding mountains peaks that seem to stretch on forever! There are bathrooms available at Visitor’s Center during business hours for this hike. 

Running Eagle Falls

For those families looking for an easier hike at Glacier National Park, this is definitely it! This 1 mile loop offers amazing views of Running Eagle Falls from multiple observation points along the way—the closest being just steps away from its famous double waterfall! A bathroom facility is available at trailhead for anyone in the family needing a break during the hike.

Rocky Point

If you and your kids are looking for a slightly more challenging hiking experience then check out Rocky Point which offers over 350 feet elevation gain over its 1.9 miles length! Along the way they will enjoy sweeping views stretching all across Going To The Sun Road as well as potentially spot some mountain goats perched atop rocky cliffs! A bathroom facility is available at Fish Creek Campground during business hours.

Hidden Meadow

This 2 mile out-and back trail takes a family of hikers up a steep incline that winds through thick forests before finally emerging into an open meadow surrounded and distant snow capped peaks! Unfortunately there aren't any restroom facilities accessible on this particular path so plan ahead with your family.

Red Rock Lake + Falls

This hike at Glacier National Park is a bit tougher but definitely possible with some older kiddos. The Red Rock Lake + Falls trail is a 4.3 mile out-and back hike that rewards hikers who make it all the way with absolutely stunning views of Red Rock Mountain rising above peaceful Red Rock Lake. There is also a view of the majestic Red Rock Falls cascading nearby! A bathroom facility is available at Swiftcurrent Motor Inn during business hours.

Whether your kids are experienced hikers or complete beginners these eleven kid-friendly trails offer something special for everyone in your family. These are some of the best hikes at Glacier National Park with beautiful landscapes combined with potential wildlife sightings making these hikes unforgettable experiences something that family should experience when visiting Glacier National Park!