10 Spring Break Ideas: Guest Post Erin Port from Simple Purposeful Living

Erin Port is a busy mom of 4 who founded Simple Purposeful Living with a mission to help simplify your life. 

Simple Ideas for Spring Break Fun

With spring break right around the corner, you might be feeling all the pressure as a parent to bring the fun and excitement.  However, maybe your schedule, your wallet or life doesn’t allow you to go to an adventurous locale.  Can you still have fun and make memories with your kids? Absolutely.  Here are 10 simple ideas for spring break fun!

    1.    Everyone choose a choice activity and write it on a piece of paper. Draw out a piece of paper each day of spring break. Ideas could include: go to the park, play a board game, bake something in the kitchen, go get doughnuts, take a bike ride.
    2.    Be a tourist in your own town.  A few years ago we started “Des Moines Day”.  We take a day to explore our own backyard and it’s become a favorite tradition.  Do a little research and ask around for landmarks to visit.  Does your town have the world’s largest popcorn ball?  (Rockwell City, IA does)
    3.    Board Game Day.  Everyone picks a board game of their choice and you take turns playing all the games.
    4.    If money is tight, choose a new dessert or donut place to visit.  Usually, it costs less but still fun to go out to eat on a smaller budget.
    5.    Tour the Parks.  Are there parks in your area you haven’t visited or a few of your favorites? Make a list and choose one per day to visit or grab a picnic and visit a few all in one day.
    6.    Take a hike.  Chances are there’s a hike in your area perfect for pint-size hikers.  Ask around and get outside and enjoy the outdoors.  
    7.    Camp out at home.  Make a fire and roast hot dogs, s’mores and if it’s too cold, pitch a tent in the basement.
    8.    Make your own movie theatre.  Pop popcorn, make movie tickets and show a movie.  You could even each pick a movie, write it on a slip of paper and draw one out each evening or do a double feature!  It’s spring break after all.
    9.    Day Road trip.  You might not have enough for a full blown road trip but chances are there are some places near you, you haven’t explored.  Pick a spot and head out on the road.
    10.    Do a family puzzle.  Pull out the card table and grab a 500-1000 piece puzzle and challenge yourself to finish it before spring break is over!