Family Friendly Hikes Grand Teton National Park

Family-Friendly Hikes in the Tetons For Your Next Family Adventure!

Whether you are an RV traveler, looking for a great destination for families or a family with a passion for the great outdoors, you’re sure to appreciate the spectacular natural beauty of the Tetons. There are several family-friendly hiking trails in the Tetons that will satisfy the adventurous spirit of your little ones while giving everyone a glimpse into the beauty of these magnificent mountains. In this blog post, we’ll highlight 15 family-friendly hikes in Grand Teton National Park. 

Moose Ponds

On your family trip to the Tetons, if there is one hike that you MUST do it is this one. This hike is about 2.5 miles and starts at the Jenny Lake Visitor Center. You can hike to the ponds and back, or take a loop around. We’ve seen a variety of wildlife from moose, beaver, and even bears when we hiked this short trail. 

Lunch Tree Hill

This short, .5 mile lollipop loop trail takes hikers to the top of a hill with views of Willow Flats and the Teton Range. From Jackson Lake Lodge, follow the signs for Lunch Tree Hill. This easy hike gives visitors some of the more spectacular views in the valley. The trail is paved but sits on a steep incline for a family adventure.

Phelps Lake

Take an easy, 2 mile out and back hike to an overlook for views of Phelps Lake on your family adventure. This family-friendly in Grand Teton National Park.  travels through a forested section before opening up at the Phelps Lake Overlook. The overlook places hikers high above Phelps Lake and provides views of the lake and valley. Those looking to access Phelps Lake will need to continue another mile down to the lakeshore. 

Leigh Lake

Another family-friendly hike in the Tetons is Leigh Lake. It follows along the edge of String Lake where you can enjoy views of the mountains and the lake. The trail is flat and simple, and it’s 1.0 mile to a view of Leigh Lake. This is where we turned around or if you and your family want a longer hike you can continue along the edge of Leigh Lake as long as you want, but then you must turn around and come back the way you came.

Schwabacher Road Nature Walk

This nature walk is 2/3 of a milk round trip and completely flat which makes it get for families in the Tetons. The views are so beautiful, it is a must-do in Grand Teton National Park. Located at the end of Schwabacher Road, this small nature walk follows along the river and ponds where you can see wildlife and take in the majestic mountains. 

Jenny Lake Loop

This loop trail provides a plethora of views including Cascade Canyon, the Cathedral Group, and Jenny Lake. A longer family hike with a 7.1 mi loop on a dirt trail.  Along this loop around the southern shore you will pass Moose Ponds. This hike is a great for families who enjoy mountain and lake views and are looking for a longer trail without too much elevation gain.

Hidden Falls

via Jenny Lake

A slightly longer, but still manageable hike, this trail spans about 4.9 miles round-trip. To access the trail, head to the Jenny Lake Visitor Center, which provides convenient parking and restroom facilities. The trail offers stunning views throughout the hike, including some of the towering Tetons, as well as the waterfall that give the hike its name. The falls are a popular destination along the trail and make for an excellent picnic spot before hiking back down.

 via String Lake Trail

Another great family-friendly hike is Hidden Falls via String Lake Trail. The trail is located in the southern portion of Grand Teton National Park and offers breathtaking views of the cascading falls that are hidden away.  The trail offers plenty of opportunities to pause and take in the stunning scenery, so don't be afraid to take your time along the way!

Inspiration Point via Jenny Lake Boat Shuttle

Looking for a slightly more challenging hike? Head to the Jenny Lake Boat Shuttle where you'll take a 10-minute boat ride across the lake to reach the Inspiration Point Trail. The hike is three miles round trip, but with an elevation gain of 400 feet, it is better suited for families with older children. However, there are stunning panoramic views of Jenny Lake and the Teton Range making it well worth the climb. 

Colter Bay Lake Shore Trail

If you're looking for a hike with picturesque views of the Grand Teton mountain range, definitely head to the Colter Bay Lake Shore Trail. The trail is an easy 2.0 miles and offers sweeping waterfront views of the serene Jackson Lake. The trailhead is located near the Colter Bay Visitor Center, which provides families with plenty of resources and information for their outdoor adventure. 

Taggart Lake

Taggart Lake is a 3 mi roundtrip hike with some rocks and natural steps. Taggart Lake is an easy, out and back trail that offers families stunning views of the Teton Range.

Heron Pond and Swan Lake Loop

The loop trail out to Heron Pond & Swan Lake is a 3.0 mile round trip hike, but it has two wonderful spots for wildlife viewing and beautiful scenery. This trail has a variety of terrain as it begins along the lake, hikes through the forests, and ends at small lily pad covered ponds. 

Lakeshore Trail

Behind the Visitor’s Center at Colter Bay, there is a lovely trail that follows the lakeshore. This figure 8 trail is a takes you out onto a small pier into Jackson Lake. There are lots of places to throw rocks, and a rocky beach to dip your feet in the cool water. Flat and easy, and 2.0 miles round trip, this is a great hike for your family adventure.

Lake Creek-Woodland Trail

This trail is easily accessible and perfect for families with children of all ages. The Lake Creek-Woodland Trail is a two-mile trek through lush green meadows and forests. Along the way, you'll cross over a small stream and even encounter some wildlife, including deer and moose. Take your time and enjoy the serene setting, and don't forget to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at the end of the trail. This trail begins at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve and the hardest part is finding a parking spot. You will need to arrive early in the morning or later in the evening. 

String Lake Trail

This is a relatively easy trail that spans about 3.7 miles round-trip and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The trailhead is conveniently located at the String Lake Picnic Area, which provides ample parking and bathrooms. This path is great for kids of all ages and is wheelchair accessible. The trail starts along a  stretch of lake and winds around a few twists and turns before leading hikers to Leigh Lake. The views along the way make the hike well worth it, with ample opportunities to spot wildlife, gaze at towering cliffs, and even measure the snowy views in the distance.

If you are looking for a fun adventure for the whole family, Grand Teton National Park is the perfect destination for families seeking outdoor exploration. These trails are just a few of the many family-friendly hikes in Grand Teton National Park. Take the time to plan your trip accordingly, pack some snacks and water, and you'll be on your way to creating unforgettable memories with your family!