Transform RV Bunk Bed into Personal Space

Transform RV Bunk Bed

As a full time RV travel family, we love the freedom that come with living on the road. But RV's are a tiny space and when it comes to the kid's personal space, it is important that it's comfortable for the kids. That’s why we decided to give our daughter’s bunk bed a complete makeover! With a few simple changes, we were able to transform her bunk bed into a cozy space that she loves to spend time in. In this post, we’ll share how we transformed camper bunk bed space.

Paint Camper Walls

The walls of the our daughter’s camper bed was to give it a fresh coat of white paint. The RV walls and ceilings were painted when we first move into the RV. You can read more about the paint used in the camper here

RV paint, paint to use for camper, camper bunk bed

Add some cozy layers to RV Bunk Bed

What better way to tranform RV bunk bed to feel more like a cozy oasis, than with new bedding? We switched the Beddy's Kennedy Bedding that we have had for almost four years and changed to the Beddy's Olivia Luxe bedding which is a beautiful Lilac Purple with rainbows. This luxe bedding adds layers of soft textiles which is perfect for camper bedding.

RV bunk bed bedding, bedding for camper, Beddy's bedding

The twin size Beddy's was used for the camper bed which is 31 inches wide by 71 inches long. To keep the bedding snug, these sheet suspenders are a great option which was purchased on Amazon.


sheet suspenders for RV bedding, camper bedding

Add some Personality with Removable Wallpaper for RV Walls

No makeover is complete without some personal touches. To make our daughter’s camper bed feel like her own, we added some fun, colorful whimsical removable wallpaper from LoomWell with the Ari Rainbow print. This removable wallpaper has been the best I have found for the RV.. I love this paper so much LoomWell has given me an affiliate code for 15% off using the code BROOKEHAPPE. 


transform RV bunk bed, camper wallpaper

Make Camper Bed Multifunctional

In an RV, every square inch of space counts. To make the most of our daughter’s bunk bed area, we made the camper bed space multifunctional by our initial bunkroom renovation. With this RV modification, our daughter has room to play and work on school during the day, and a comfortable place to sleep at night. This space is where all of her stuffed animals are stored at the foot of the bed.

Providing some privacy in RV

Not only did we want to transform our daughters space into a functional, personalized space but we also wanted to give her privacy. I reached out to my friend Claire, who owns Copper Union Apparel who brought the RV bed privacy curtain to life. 

With a little bit of creativity, it’s easy to transform RV bunk bed space into a cozy oasis. By adding paint, cozy bedding layers, playful decor elements, and multifunctional features, we turned our daughter’s camper bed into her own special retreat. Happy travels!

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