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Where to Store Inventory and Shipping Supplies in an RV

If you’re a full time RV traveler, adventurer, or a family travelers, you know that storage solutions in an RV can be challenging.  Add running a product business from RV to the list and storage can seem even more complicated. To make your life simpler, I've put together this guide to show you where I store inventory and shipping supplies in an RV to inspire you to chase your dreams and live each season to the fullest, no matter what that may look like.

Here is how to store inventory and shipping supplies in an RV: 

Shipping Supplies 

Pending your physical product business, your supplies will vary. But if you do ship your small business product you will need to shipping supplies. USPS provides free shipping boxes via their website or post offices. I keep a small amount of boxes in the master closet for larger orders or for shipping wholesale orders of the handmade hats. In addition to boxes, I use polymailers to ship my handmade knit pom pom hat and crochet slouch beanies. You can roll many of these up and keep them compact. I keep mine rolled up into clear file folders. Use clear containers so you can easily take visual inventory of what you have on hand. With running a product busines from RV, the best place to store these items are in a cabinet so that they can stay in place during your RV drive days. 

Other Supplies

Stacking containers are also useful as they help utilize the vertical RV cabinet height without taking up too much room. Other supplies that are needed for the handmade knit pom pom hats and crochet slouchy beanies are hang tags, crochet hooks, knitting needles, tapestry needles and beanie tags. Because these items are relatively small, I also store them in clear stacking containers along with the fasteners.

Raw Supplies

The handmade knit pom pom beanie and crochet slouch hat business requires raw materials such as pom poms and yarn. The king size bed in the RV is hinged in the master bedroom giving the entire depth of the bedframe and length usable storage space.  When picking out your RV, consider whether or not you will be running a business from the road and make sure there is adequate space for the supplies that are needed.

Finished Knit Pom Beanie and Slouch Hat Inventory

So where to store inventory that is finished? Finished knit pom pom hats and crochet slouch beanies are stored in totes or bins with lids. Similar to the visual inventory, I know how many beanies fit in each bin so that I only carry select amount of inventory. The bins of knit hats and slouchy beanies are stored in the back of the truck and understorage area of the RV as well. This provides easy access during transport without taking away from living space during travel days.

With these tips in mind for running a product business from RV, storing inventory and shipping supplies in an RV can be easy! Whether you’re running a small product business while traveling or simply need more storage solutions while out on the open road, these tips will help streamline your setup process so that travel days are more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Happy travels!

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