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Things to do in St. Augustine, Florida With Kids

St. Augustine, Florida is a great spot for a family trip whether you are going on a road trip, are an RV travel family or flying to the sunshine state. With its rich history, beautiful beaches, and abundance of activities, there is something for everyone in the family. Whether you're looking for a day-trip or an extended stay, here is a list of the best things to do in St. Augustine with kids.

Bring kids to family friendly Project Swing Playground

As one of the largest playgrounds in St Augustine, Project Swing Playground offers plenty of fun for the whole family not matter the age of the kids. The playground features swing sets, slides, monkey bars and plenty of open space to run around in. Pack a lunch or bring your homeschool book and spend the say there as there are also picnic tables and benches available.

Make family memories at Fiesta Falls Mini Golf

On your family trip, take your family on an exciting adventure through 18 holes of mini golf at Fiesta Falls Mini Golf! This fun course has waterfalls, obstacles, and challenging holes that will keep your kids entertained for hours. This mini golf course is located right next to the beach so you can combine your mini golf trip with some beach time afterwards!

Learn some history at Colonial Quarter

If you're looking for something unique and exciting while visiting St Augustine with kids then Colonial Quarter is the place to go! Here you can explore the city's history through interactive exhibits like living history shows and historical reenactments. You can also visit replica buildings from colonial times or even learn how to pan for gold! 

Get Junior Ranger Badges at Castillo De San Marcos National Monument

Learn about Spanish colonial history by visiting Castillo De San Marcos National Monument. This fort was built in 1672 by Spanish settlers and it still stands today as a testament to their legacy. Visitors can tour the fort on their own. This stop for families while in St. Augustine is a great option for a homeschool activities as the kids are to get a great educational experience that's both fascinating and fun! Make sure before you leave to get a junior ranger badge!

Stroll along St. George Street

Spend some quality time with your kids on St George Street - one of the most famous streets in all of St Augustine! Here you can find shops selling souvenirs such as t-shirts and hats as well as restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine like key lime pie and conch fritters. There are also art galleries featuring works from local artists as well as live music performances throughout the year so make sure not to miss out on this amazing street when visiting St Augustine with kids!

Take kids to Governor’s House Cultural Center & Museum

Teach your children about local culture by taking them on a tour of Governor’s House Cultural Center & Museum! This museum features exhibits highlighting the heritage of African Americans in North East Florida including stories about community leaders such as Zora Neale Hurston and James Weldon Johnson. Plus, there are interactive activities like scavenger hunts that make learning fun for everyone involved on this family trip!

Take an Old Town Trolley Tour

Take a trolley tour around town but make sure you ride it with your kids too! Old Town Trolley Tours will take you past all the main attractions such as Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and Flagler College while giving an informative narration about each stop along the way - perfect for teaching little ones about local history without making them too bored or tired out. If you are spending time in St. Augustine with kids during the Christmas holiday, check out the Christmas lights tour for a great family friendly experience to celebrate the holidays!

Visit The Beach + Splash Pad with kids

No trip to St Augustine is complete without spending some time at the beach! Spend an afternoon soaking up some sun as the kids play in the sand! If you stop at St. Augustine beach definitely check out the Splash Pads that is located at the beach - perfect for those Florida day.

Head to St. Augustine Alligator Farm

The St Augustine Alligator Farm is one of the oldest attractions in the city and has been around since 1893! It’s a great place to learn about alligators and crocodiles, as well as many other species of reptiles and amphibians from around the world. You can even feed them by hand if you’re brave enough! There are also several interactive exhibits that teach about their habitats and behavior patterns, making it a great learning opportunity for the whole family.

Bring Kids to St. Augustine Aquarium 

The St Augustine Aquarium is another great stop for families with kids. It boasts an impressive collection of both freshwater and saltwater creatures, ranging from small fish to large sharks and stingrays. You can observe these sea creatures up close while learning more about them through informative displays and talks given by knowledgeable staff members. Plus, they offer hands-on activities such as touch tanks so that your kids can get even closer to their favorite creatures!

See animals at St Augustine Wild Reserve

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience in St Augustine, then make sure to check out the Wild Reserve! Here you will find over 100 different animals including tigers, lions, leopards, bears, monkeys, raccoons and more. There are also educational programs offered throughout the day where guests can learn about these animals' natural habitats as well as how humans can help conserve them for future generations.

Spend the day with family at Anastasia State Park

For those who prefer nature walks over zoo visits, Anastasia State Park is the perfect spot! With its miles of pristine beaches along with its lush marshes and estuaries teeming with wildlife it makes an ideal spot for exploration any time of year. During your visit you can hike or bike along trails winding through this beautiful park or just relax on its white sandy shores.  

Stroll The Historic District

Explore more than 400 years worth of architecture within walking distance from each other – stroll around historic district in downtown St Augustine while admiring its unique blend of Spanish colonial buildings dating back centuries plus more modern structures built during America's gilded age era such as Flagler College campus where Henry Flagler once resided himself before dying here in 1913.

There is no shortage of activities that are perfect for families when visiting St Augustine with kids; from exploring historical sites like Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, to relaxing days spent lounging around on beaches – whatever type activity most appeals your family, there certainly something here worth checking out during next family outing. Be sure not miss out any these family experiences next time planning trip southward sunny shores Saint Augustine, Florida with your kids.