Family of 5 kayaking + hiking Lower Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a must see when in the Page, Arizona area. These canyons were shaped by millions of years of water and wind erosion.

There are two sections to these canyons: The Upper Antelope Canyon + The Lower Antelope Canyon. 

We explore the Lower Antelope Canyon via kayaks. We rented 2-kayaks from Antelope Point Marina (1 adult and child in a kayak and 1 adult and 2 children in another) from the Lake Powell marina and their staff helped us get set up with the kayaks and launch out.

The total trip is 3.5-mile kayak trip out to the slot canyon from the marina. We left right away in the morning and the lake was quite quiet when we started out. We got to the marina right when it opened and going to the canyon was very smooth and easy trip. About 1 mile into the paddle; you will reach the entrance of the canyon on the left side of the lake. You can't miss it as its marked with a small buoy in the middle of the canyon channel. Head into the canyon and enjoy the next few miles as you kayak the amazing walls of Antelope Canyon. The paddle to the canyon took us about 1.5 hours total.

The water in the canyon eventually dried up, you will come to a sandy, muddy beach and you park your kayak there. Because Lake Powell water levels were down over 30 feet since the previous year the hike was longer to get into the slots. 

We did a 1.25-mile hike into the canyon slots to the narrowest part where we had to start climbing over the rocks and turned around. This made the hike about 2.5- mile hike in the sand slots. It was quite hot that day, so we took breaks in the little shaded areas that there were and before getting back in the kayaks for the trip back sat and had some lunch.  

On the way back, the 3.5 mile kayak trip was MUCH more difficult due to the wake created by boat traffic. 

Packing List for Antelope Canyon kayaking + hiking:

  • Waterproof hiking sandals: You will get wet in the kayak
  • Comfortable hiking clothes
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Dry Bag
  • Sunscreen
  • Lunch + Snacks
  • Plenty of water

We hope to do a guided tour of the Upper Antelop Canyons next time we are in the area!