Block scheduling: Running a hat business, travel & homeschool

When we sold our home and everything we owned in June 2019, not only were we transitioning to a tiny home on wheels but also starting the journey of running a growing handmade hat brand in a small space and homeschooling three kids.

I knew going into this transition that my kids and I thrived on structure and schedules yet we were pursing this lifestyle to simplify our lives and spend more time together.

What I have found that works best for us is block scheduling (and this is a very rough 'schedule'). If we finish things early we move on or extend it a bit. But with block scheduling we can focus on the specific task at hand. What I found early on was that when l was working on b.e.happe tasks, I would be jumping back and forth between each task on my to-do list and it was not efficient. I couldn't focus on a task because I was thinking about the next thing on the list. 

Here is a bit of what a day looks like:

Social media and reply to emails/social media before kids get up. 

We let the kids sleep as long as their little bodies need to. Once they wake up, it’s time for breakfast, morning chores, get ready for the day. 

Homeschool: I do not time block homeschool because my goal was to NOT try to mimic traditional school and be more flexible. I wanted to make sure that we cover and understand what needs to be learned. I didn't want to stop if the time was ‘up.’ We take our time or continue on if everything is understood. Homeschool typically takes us right up until lunch. Just the expectation that homeschool is in the morning most days of the week at least sets us up in the mind frame that school is after our morning routine. 

I put my lunch lady hat on and make lunch for the kids. 

After lunch the kids have quiet time, either reading or playing individually so that I can eat lunch. I usually finish the emails/social media from the morning at this time if I could not get to all of it. 

Each afternoon is different. Some days we explore, others we stay outside and play. Typically I try to take an hour to get b.e.happe tasks done and this where I theme my days with regards to b.e.happe. 

Monday & Tuesday: Days to make. The time in the afternoon I make hats. 

Wednesday: Website is the focus. 

Thursday: Think, I write down or organize everything that has come to mind with regards to the tasks that need done, etc. This day is like a brain dump. 

Friday: Finances. Update QuickBooks and look at numbers.

Saturday: Social. This is when I batch my social media. Plan ahead, take photos, etc. I do this on Saturday because I have an extra set of hands with my husband helping and we are usually out and about so I can get photos exploring. 

Sunday: I am continually trying my best to step away from b.e.happe as much as possible on the weekends. It’s an on going challenge but making an effort to improve! 

As far as time for each of these tasks it really just depends. And each afternoon is different depending on what we do, an afternoon in the park playing open allows me to knit a bit more than if we were to go to the zoo or on a hike.

How do you stay on task?