“Someday” and “but”...these are two words we hear fairly consistently when people learn about our lifestyle.  


So we wanted to say a few words of encouragement and some background on how we eliminated the “but” and turned “someday” into Now.  

If there is one thing that all of us should have learned from 2020 it is that life is unpredictable, fragile and no days are guaranteed.   

We absolutely are cognizant that not every family, or individual who wants to live a more adventurous life can actually go to the extent we did of selling our dream house and almost all of our possessions.   We get that.   What we do want to do is challenge you to take a step back, identify what you truly want in your life (or what you don’t want) and plan for Now, and remove the “but” that is holding you back!  

So how did we do it?  Well it definitely wasn’t over night.  We did make a plan, and strategize, and study, and learn, and even took this lifestyle for a “test drive”.  

We had a Grand Design Imagine travel trailer that we absolutely loved and we still talk about it to this day.  We weekend camped for one “season” and fell in love.  Then we began tasking about spending a few weeks in Florida during December to get out of Iowa.   My younger brother played college football and we had a good feeling that they were going to make it to the NAIA National Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Before the playoffs even started we made our reservation...a camp site literally just steps from the beach.  We spent 3 weeks there.  My husband had to work a few days but took 2 weeks off for the Holidays.  To say we were hooked is an understatement.  

When we returned to Iowa on New Year’s Day we put our plan in motion.   It was simple😜... all we had to do was:

- Sell our Travel Trailer

- Sell our F250 Truck

- Buy a new 5th Wheel 

- Buy an F350 Truck 

- Sell our 6 bedroom, 5,000 sq. ft. House

- Sell, Donate or throw away ours and our kid’s’ life’s possessions 

- Tell our families our “crazy” idea.

Ideally all before the end of the upcoming summer... 

...... Yes we are being facetious about this being simple...

My husband travels around 3 weeks out of the month so he was location independent when he was not traveling, we needed to be near an airport for him to fly out for business so we knew that he could continue to work from the road. And I could run b.e.Happe from the road. 

We studied several full time RVers and their YouTube videos.  Many of whom, we have met intentionally or have ironically and randomly met on the road!   Fate.  

We watched every video from Marc and Trish @KeepYourDaydream.  Every video from Nate and Marissa @LessJunkMoreJourney.  Every post and their book from Dan and Lindsay @FollowYourDetour.   If you truly want to learn about Full Time RV life, find them, follow them, start at the beginning and learn as much as you can.   

We knew we needed a bigger RV to both live and run a business from.   We needed bunks, and having a second bathroom was a great plus, so we walked through a Grand Design 3740BH and we were sold.   Placed an order for a new one and knew we’d get it for Memorial Day weekend.  

That RV is HEAVY!  So we needed to upgrade our truck to an F350 (in hindsight we should have gone to an F450 right away).  

We sat down and figured out our expenses, breaking them down into how much PER DAY it was costing  us to live in our sticks and bricks home. 

Two of our greatest friends from College and who had WAY more camping experience than we did were interested in buying our Imagine and we loved the thought of our families meeting up with our RV’s.  They bought out Imagine and we’ll be meeting them this year for our second family meet up!  Although we still owe them for a dead battery 🤪.  

We got our house on the Market in March and by May we had an offer!  Close date of late June.  

Now the race was on.  We used Facebook Marketplace to sell a lot of our furniture, belongings, etc.  We downsized our kids’ toys, donated or threw out the rest.  Same with clothes.  We kept a few tubs of items we couldn’t part with and those are stored in my parent's basement until ... well... we don’t know when 🤣.  I can tell you right now, when we started the decluttering and simplifying process, it felt like a huge weight off our shoulders. Our kids played with their toys, there was less to pick up and living with less in a huge house was so invigorating.  

The easy thing about moving from a house to an RV is that we could park the RV in front of the house and take our stuff to the RV.  That was pretty much the only easy part.  

We know that we massively simplified this process above.  It took us 6 full months from the time we looked at each other and said “let’s do this” until we drove away from our sticks and bricks home for good.  

One thing is for certain.  We love this Full Time RV community and we have zero regrets.  Removing the “but” and turning “someday” into Now is a matter of choice and taking the risk.  

If you have questions!  Write us below or DM us on Instagram.  Maybe we’ll see you on the road and you can tell us your story too!