13 ideas for gifting experiences over things

Before we sold everything to travel, something that my husband and I have always done is gifting experiences versus focusing on physical things for holidays and birthdays. We want to create memorable experiences that will allow our children to experience life and remember the moments together because that is what life is truly all about. It isn't that we don't gift our children or ourselves with physical items, but more of a focus on the time together and experiences new things together as a family. And now that we live in a small space; experiences over things are definitely more of a priority because we just don't have space for them. 

Here are Ideas for experiences over things:

  • Visiting a zoo
  • Visit an aquarium
  • Go to a theme park
  • Attend a baseball game
  • Tickets to a special event like a concert
  • Lessons to an experience such as surf lessons
  • Online Classes such as an art class
  • Annual passes
  • A trip to a local eatery
  • A round of Mini Golf
  • Movie tickets
  • Gift cards to eateries in the area or in the next town for a road-trip
  • Special trip or vacation

 If you feel like you have to give them something, associate that gift with the experience. A sports jersey with tickets to the game or a $10 bill with a note that says buy yourself something on your birthday trip to the zoo.