Family Friendly Hikes at Arches National Park

Arches National Park has over 2,000 stone arches. 

Delicate Arch:  3.4 miles

This arch is a free-standing arch has become a widely recognized symbol of the state of Utah. 

The opening beneath the arch is 46 feet high and 32 feet wide, making it the largest free-standing arch in the park and let me tell you, it is not until you get up to the arch that you recognize how massive it is! 

The trail to see Delicate Arch is about 3 miles roundtrip and climbs 480 feet. This trail is a steady uphill trail. There are many opportunities for you to rest if need with the Wolfe Ranch cabin and a wall of petroglyphs.

As you get closer to the Delicate Arch the trail narrows. You have to climb over a bit of a ridge also in order to get into the 'bowl' area where the Delicate arch is. We started the hike prior to sunrise and only had to wait in line to get a photo for 5 minutes. Then we sat, had a snack and took in the views. By the time we started back to the truck the line was quite long.

This hike has NO shade and I would highly recommend doing this hike early in the day. 

Hidden Arches and Broken Arch: 1.4 miles

Hidden Arch is one of our kids favorite arches in the national park. This arch is not seen from the road or parking area. You have to do a short hike-less than .5 mile round trip to see the arch inside the formations. It's a sandy trail due to the win-driven accumulation that takes you between two sandstone formations. The arch is shaded, ground-level, accessible via a beach-like trail of cool, red sand. 

From this same trail head you head east about .8 miles from the parking lot to the Broken Arch. This arch isn't actually broken, though it is wearing thin along top. 

Devils Garden Trail to Landscape Arch:  2.0 miles

The Landscape Arch is a MUST see! This arch is 306 feet long, making it the longest in Arches National Park, and the 5th longest in the entire world! I definitely think this arch should have been named the Delicate Arch because it is VERY thin at the top of the arch at about 6- 10 feet wide.

Double, Windows & Turret's Arch:  1.3 miles

The parking area for these arches was the busiest. And I do have to say that the craziness of the area took away from the beauty of these arches. The trail to the Double Arch is short-about .5 mile on a gravel path. It leads to the tallest arch in the park. You don't even have to get out of the parking area for this arch as its viewable without hiking. 

The trail to the upper parking lot goes to two arches- Window's and Turret. To get to the Turret Arch there are some rocky stairs. The kids liked this arch because they could climb the rocks under this formation. We did not go to the Window's trailhead, I know I know, its one of the most popular arches. But this parking and trail head section for these arches was crazy, and we were over the crowds.

This park gets busy FAST. We went two days in a row for sunrise, arriving at the first parking lot and watching sunrise. Day 1 we watched the sunrise hiking to the Delicate Arch and then went over to the Hidden and Broken Arch. We left the park by 11AM and the gates were closed by then! Day 2 we hiked to Landscape Arch at sunrise then went over to the Window's section. I would recommend keeping an eye on the parks Twitter page. When we got back both days their Twitter page said that the park was at capacity by 8:30AM both days!