Custom b.e.happe Zig Zag

Custom b.e.happe Zig Zag

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Make your b.e. happe hat just the way you want it. (Current turn around: 2 weeks)

Create your b.e. happe Zig Zag hat by selecting the specific colors from the drop down menus. See the color charts after the pictured product photo. You will need to select a color for the body of the hat and also a secondary zig zag color. Pick the faux fur color of your choice or select no fur.

Please double check your selections prior to submitting your order to ensure your created the b.e. happe hat you intended to! 

Colors shown: Mustard body, wheat zig zag and Red Fox Faux fur

b.e.happe items are 100% handmade with premium acrylic/wool blend or 100% acrylic yarn. Some color blend yarns create variations and the final product will be unique and varied with color.

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