How to Care for Knit Pom Hat: Tips and Tricks

Keep Your Knit Winter Pom Pom Hat Looking Like New

Winter is here and it's time to bring out all those comfy and cozy knit hats. Whether it's a gift or a homemade creation, keeping your knit winter pom pom hat clean and looking like new is essential. Knit winter hats naturally can get fuzzy due to friction, so it is best to clean them regularly to keep the winter hat looking like new. However, cleaning a pom pom beanie can be a tricky task. In this blog post, we'll guide you through how to care for knit pom hat, using simple and effective methods.

Step One: Determine the type of Yarn + Pom

Different yarn fibers can have different reactions to cleaning solutions, however something almost more important to keep your knit winter pom pom hat looking great is the pom pom. Faux fur pom poms cannot be washed as most are acrylic or polyester and will melt. If the pom pom on the knit winter hat is real, this can be dried. Some knit hats without pom poms can tolerate being washed in hot water, however others may shrink or change shape. Always read the care instructions on the tag before attempting to clean it. 

Step Two: Hand-wash the hat body

Hand washing is by far safest method for cleaning knit winter pom pom hats. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of gentle and dye-free detergent. To preserve the faux fur pom pom, gently swish only the body of the hat around in the soapy water and let it sit for several minutes. Rinse the hat thoroughly with clean water until no suds remain. Do not wring or squeeze the hat as it can distort the shape of the winter pom hat. 

Step Three: Dry the hat

Lay the winter pom hat flat on a clean towel and fold over the towel on the body of the hat. Gently press the towel down to remove water on the body of the hat. If the faux fur pom pom got wet, shake vigorously to reshape it or fluff. Lay the hat down on the towel to finish drying.  If the winter knit pom hat needs to be reshaped, gently stretch the stitches vertically. Do not use a dryer or a hair dryer to dry your knit pom pom hat as the heat can cause the yarn to melt or change shape.


Step Four: Remove stains

For more stubborn stains on the knit pom pom hat, apply a small amount of stain remover to the affected area and gently rub it in. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing as before. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the yarn fibers. If cleaning 

Step Five: Clean up body of pom beanie

Once your knit pom pom hat is clean and dry, the last step to getting you knit hat looking like new is cleaning up the surface. Due to friction, it is natural for knit pom hats to get fuzzy over time. Take a sharp scissors and gently snip the fuzz off the surface of the hat. This will remove the fuzz and have your knit pom hat looking like brand new. 

Now you know how to care for knit pom hat. Hand washing, air drying, and cleaning the surface are the keys to keeping it looking great all winter season. Remember to always read the care instructions on the tag and avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. With these simple tips, you can enjoy your cozy knit hat for seasons to come.

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