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 Life doesn’t go according to plan, and that’s okay.


In 2015, I stepped away from my dream job. 

I practicing as a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and was working in the career I had spent a decade training for. But with two young kids at home and another on the way, I realized my heart was yearning to be home with my family. 


Right before my daughter was born, I left my job and became a full-time mom. 


In 2016, I started a business without meaning to.  

I started crocheting to keep my hands strong, intending to go back to practice one day. Then I realized the hat I designed to hide my greasy mom hair could help other moms feel put together too. 


When people started asking where I got my slouch hat, I started selling the beanies locally. b.e.happe was born. 


In 2018, my son ended up in the PICU.

We experienced firsthand how Child Life Services turns long days of isolation into something children remember fondly. My kids still talk about the Spiderman movies they watched in the hospital!  


By the time my son came home, my husband and I had decided that we would focus on using our business to give back. Ever since then, a portion of our profits are used to purchase wish list items for Child Life Services at local children’s hospitals.


In 2019, we drove away from it all. 

I knew my kiddos weren’t going to be kids forever. But instead of spending time together, we were stuck in the monotony of our daily routines. 


That’s when my husband and I sold our home and most of our belongings in Iowa. We moved into a 41ft 5th wheel and hit the road full time.


To date, we’ve visited 27 states, 14 national parks, and have logged more than 40,000 miles on the road. We’ve grown my business from a one-woman-show to a team of females from across the U.S.

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Our Goal

Inspiring you to do what you dream of. 

I’ve gone from being someone who hated unscheduled bathroom breaks on a trip, to someone who is joyfully living in the moment. And while my dreams may have changed throughout the years, my vision has not. 


From our family to yours: If we can do this, so can you. 


Do what makes you happy, focus on what you can control, and take action to make this world a better place - even if it’s something as simple as buying a hat that gives back. 


Whether it’s an everyday moment or a bucket list stop, we’re thrilled to be on this journey with you.



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