Hats That Give Back & How We Give | b.e.happe

For the first two years of b.e.happe we donated one newborn hat to a Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines for each b.e.happe hat sold.  After our middle son spent time in the PICU however, we personally realized how important the "Wish List" items are for those children who spend days, weeks, or months in these hospitals.  Now proceeds of each sale are used to donate these wish list items to various local hospitals, depending on where in the country we are each month.  

Normally this is an activity that we do as a family, and teach our children the importance of giving back, and the value of caring for others, however in 2020 we could not do this in person. Hospitals now use Amazon Wish Lists so we are able to place large orders of items to get delivered safely to the hospitals directly. We can't wait to get back into the hospitals and directly donate!

When you buy a b.e.happe item, you're not only helping to support our dreams, but you're helping provide children in need items to help them pass time, laugh, play and be kids during whatever battle they may be facing.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.