Press & Media -Travel Mom Running Product Business

Press & Media- A Full Time Travel Mom Running Product Business

Life can be tough at times, but at b.e.happe, we believe that there is always a reason to find joy. As a family of full-time travelers, we have learned to appreciate the little things in life and the beauty that surrounds us. Our handmade knit hat and slouchy beanie brand is not just a business, but a representation of our love for adventure and exploration. We are passionate about sharing our journey with others and encouraging them to embark on their own path of joy and positivity. Through recent press and media coverage, we hope to inspire and uplift those who are searching for something more. Join us on our adventure and discover the joy that life has to offer.

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Product Boss: Running Business from RV 

Des Moines Parent Spotlight: Brooke Happe 

WHO 13's Hello Iowa host Megan Reuther sits down with Brooke Happe to hear all about how she got started in the hat making business. 

"isn’t just the name of a cute and trendy hat company. It’s also the initials of the founder and creator behind the yarn, Brooke Happe. And yes, it’s pronounced [hap-py]!" 

"Brooke Happe started b.e. Happe Designs in 2016. We are obsessed with her colorful hand-knit hats and love that she donates a hat to Blank Children’s Hospital for every hat she sells!"