13 ways to find things to do in your area

Full time RV travel allows us to see, do and experience a variety of things that each town, city and state has to offer. While some may think that the RV travel life is a vacation, there are daily commitments like school and work that has to be taken care of. The RV travel lifestyle certainly allows for a more flexibility but because my husband travels for business during the week, the kids and I usually explore in the afternoons and then on the weekends we go and do other things as a family.


13 ways to find things to do with kids

Facebook Mom’s group or Page

I search for mom group in X or just search the city name on Facebook.

Local newspaper

I know, I know, it’s an old resource BUT I find them very useful and always up do date versus a website that may be neglected. I usually look for them at the grocery store or sometimes the RV resorts or campgrounds we stay at have them.

RV Resort/Campground

Some RV locations will have pamphlets or suggestions on things to do in the area. Ask the workers or fellow RV neighbor if they have any suggestions.

Public Libraries

A free thing to do in the area. You may not be able to check out books but we love to use the various libraries along our RV travels to supplement out homeschool curriculum. Libraries usually have a bulletin board for events that are happening at the library or in the area.

Facebook Calendar

Click on the events tab in Facebook. You can search the area you are in on this events page.


This platform shows you both paid and free events based on the area you are in.

Ask locals

In the three years of full time RV travel, we have certainly struck out on some of the locals suggestions, however people know the area. I will make a list of suggestions and then go to Google or Pinterest to search for the suggestions.


This is definitely a larger tool that is unlimited based on your search. Depending on your search terms you can find a variety of things. One thing that is for certain is people who leave a Google Review are quite honest and I have found that the reviews are pretty accurate.

Social media

Local bloggers that create content for the specific area. Another thing that I like to do is search the location that we are in via the location tab on Instagram. People tagging places or events on Instagram.

Community website

This page will usually have a calendar of events in the area. You can also check out the parks and recreation section that lists things to do.

State tourism website

A collection of businesses and organizations that represent the state tourism board. This isn’t as specific for location based however some locations that we travel to with the RV are a launching point. We choose a central location so that we can drive to various areas in the state to explore.


This resource is one of my favorites to use when finding things to do in our RV travels. It is convenient to make a board that is location specific and then save others information.

Visiting City Hall

Not only is visiting the city hall a free experience but there typically are bulletin boards with a calendar of events, pamphlets and you can ask people what suggestions they have.