Block scheduling: Running a small business, RV travel + homeschool

Selling everything to become a full-time RV travel family, not only were we transitioning to a tiny home on wheels but also starting the journey of running a handmade hat brand in a small space and homeschooling.

I knew going into this transition that my kids and I thrived on structure and schedules; yet we were pursing this lifestyle to simplify our lives and spend more time together.

What I have found that works best for us is theming my days AND block scheduling. This is a very rough 'schedule' but it allows everyone to know what to expect for the day and when. If we finish things early, we move on or extend it a bit. But with block scheduling we allocate a chunky of time to related tasks, we are able to focus on the specific task or topic that is needs to be focused on, once complete we can move onto the next. 

Here is a bit of what a day looks like:

  • Early morning: Posting on social media, reply to emails/social media before kids get up. 
  • Morning: Kids wake up, it’s time for breakfast, morning chores, get ready for the day. 
  • Homeschool: I do not time block homeschool strictly because my goal was to not try to mimic traditional school and be more flexible. I wanted to make sure that we cover and understand what needs to be learned. I didn't want to stop if the time was ‘up.’ Time blocking homeschool basically means that we work on school up until we need to which is usually right up until lunch. Just the expectation that homeschool is in the morning most days of the week at least sets us up in the mind frame that school is after our morning routine.
  • Early Afternoon: I put my lunch lady hat on and make lunch for the kids. Afternoon chores get completed.
  • Afternoon: Kids have quiet time, either reading or playing individually so that I can eat lunch. I finish the emails/social media from the morning at this time if I could not get to all of it and then this is where I theme my days with regards to b.e.happe small business tasks.  
  • Later Afternoon: Each afternoon is different. Some days we explore, others we stay around the RV, enjoy the outdoors and play. The focus of this time is to enjoy the area we are in, get out any more energy that we may have that day. =)
  • Evening: Dinner, chores, family game or read out loud and then bedtime.