The Versatility of RV Bunkhouse

The Versatility of the RV Bunkhouse

When we decided to sell everything and travel around the US with our family of five, one of the main reasons we chose the fifth wheel that we did was because we could see the versatility of the RV bunkhouse. The Grand Design Solitude 3740BH RV has the best bunkhouse option that we had seen. This room has seen many transformations in our almost four years on the road of full-time RV travel and it's been a great asset to our travel lifestyle! In this blog post, I’ll explain why this RV bunkhouse has been a great fit for us and how you can make it work for your family too.

The RV Bunkhouse | Perfect RV layout for families

The bunkhouse in our fifth wheel RV is the dedicated bedroom and play space for our three children. When we started the full-time RV travel lifestyle our children were 7,5, and 3 years old. We did not want to put a timeframe on this adventure, yet focus on simplifying life and focusing on time together. We saw this bunkhouse as an opportunity to grow and alter as we lived through the seasons of the travel lifestyle.

The Grand Design 3740BH fifth wheel RV has a bunkhouse in the back of the RV. This RV is said to sleep 8 total per the RV specs. There is a full size bed in the upper left side of the room, two bunks along the wall and a closet unit with drawers. 


Grand Design RV Solitude bunkhouse, Versatility of RV bunkhoues

This Grand Design RV bunkhouse also has an upper bunk in the slide of the RV and a tri-fold sofa underneath the slide bunk. 

Grand Design RV Solitude bunkhouse, Versatility of RV bunkhouse

This family RV allows for multiple sleeping areas while also providing a play space on the floor for the kids. Not only did we love the versatility of sleeping options in this RV bunkhouse but we also loved the fact that the kids could go to bed before others and retire to their own space.


Making an RV Work For Your Family

When you go from a stick-and-brick home to a tiny space, you have to get creative and use your resources wisely. We’ve found that making a few simple changes can make all the difference in There is no perfect rig, but if you consider the seasons of life currently and what the future may look like, this helps with finding a great RV that is versatile for you and your family. 

Our RV’s bunkhouse plays an integral role in our travels—it provides us with additional storage, sleeping options, a play space and private spaces for each of the children. With just a few tweaks here and there based on our current needs at any given moment, this versatile space is able to serve countless purposes while still allowing us plenty of breathing room for our family of 5 within our tiny house on wheels. If you're considering buying an RV with a bunkhouse included, I highly recommend doing your research because it might be just what you need to make travel living comfortable and enjoyable!