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9 Ideas to Update your RV Interior

If you’re looking for some ideas to refresh the interior of your RV or camper, you’ve come to the right place. With a few simple updates, you can make the RV interior look and feel like a brand new camper or even better, feel like your home on wheels. From white paint to wall hangings, these updates will give your RV the modern facelift it deserves!

Here are 9 RV interior update ideas to help modernized your home on wheels:

Painting Your RV Walls

One of the most effective ways to modernize your RV is by painting the walls a lighter color. While painting the interior walls of your RV is certainly a task, especially if you are a full time RV traveler and living in your RV, this is definitely the one RV interior update that will make the biggest impact. Choose a bright white color that will reflect light and open up the space. This RV update can make even the smallest of spaces appear airy and open. Plus, if you ever want to switch up the RV interior color palette or RV décor, white walls are an excellent backdrop that won’t compete with any style or design decisions you make.

Removable Wallpaper on RV Walls

If the RV interior update of painting isn’t an option for you then consider removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is an easy way to RV interior update as it adds texture and personality into one room or throughout your entire RV. It also makes it easy to switch out when you’re ready for something new. You can find removable wallpaper in almost any style or pattern - so don’t be afraid to get creative! My favorite removable wallpaper is from LoomWell

Changing Out RV Furniture

Another great way to modernize your RV interior is by changing out furniture pieces. If possible, opt for pieces that are lightweight and smaller in scale - this will help create more space without compromising on comfort or style. Also consider the weight of the RV furniture that you are removing and what you are bringing in. Changing out the furniture of the RV can make a huge visual impact on the RV interior. Choose simple designs with clean lines and minimal embellishment for a contemporary feel, or go vintage with tufted couches and armchairs for a timeless look that never goes out of style. Lastly, outside of weight of the furniture, make sure that you will be able to get the piece of furniture inside your RV. 

Change Light Fixtures of the RV

Another update to your RV interior that can help modernize your home on wheels is replacing old, dated light fixtures with new ones. This simple change can really brighten up the interior of your RV and give it a more modern look. Look for fixtures that fit with your design aesthetic and that provide adequate lighting for your space. Consider adding both overhead lights and floor lamps or wall sconces instead of just one type of fixture.  

Personalizing RV Bedroom

Personalizing an RV bedroom is one of our favorite RV updates! Choose fun patterns for bedding such as polka dots or stripes, and use bright colors like pink, yellow, green, blue and orange that will inject energy into their space. Select wall hangings with different textures or colors to make the RV interior feel like your home on wheels. Finish off the room with some cozy blankets so you can snuggle up after a long day on the road! 

Removal of RV Window Valences

This is a simple RV modification that will make a big impact. Removing the window valences that come in the RV will open up the RV and make the interior of the RV feel much bigger. Not only will it make the RV interior feel bigger, but you are removing a bit of weight to the RV.

Covering RV Cabinet

Don't forget about cabinets! Create a uniform look throughout all cabinets in your RV by covering the glass with contact paper. With this RV modification, you can choose from solid colors like black or white for a sleek finish, or patterned finishes such as wood grain for a more rustic vibe. Many RV cabinets come with a frosted or colored from glass that  allows your to see everything that's inside of the RV cabinets. With frequent travel whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time living RV traveler, the frosted cabinet can start to chip off leaving the uniform RV cabinet looking less than ideal. Contact paper is also incredibly easy to install — all you need is scissors and some patience! 

Add Window Treatments to RV Windows

Adding window treatments to the RV windows is another great update to add style and improve the overall look of your RV interior. Window treatments offer a variety of benefits such as improved privacy, insulation, and UV protection from the sun’s rays. They also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials so you can easily find something that fits with your design style. Additionally, many window treatments are easy to install yourself which makes them budget-friendly as well!

Add Backsplashes to RV Wall

The final RV interior update to make to your RV or camper is a backsplash. Adding backsplashes to the RV wall can add texture and color to any room in an RV without breaking the bank. Whether you choose sturdy tile or vinyl peel-and-stick tiles, backsplashes are an affordable way to add visual interest without having to do a full renovation on your RV interior. Just remember to pick a line and go with it, as nothing in an RV is level! 

Updating the interior of an RV doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming if you know what changes will have the biggest impact on its look and feel. Whether you are looking for RV updates for full time living or wanting your RV interior to feel like a home away from home, changing out light fixtures, adding window treatments, and installing backsplashes are all relatively inexpensive ways to give any RV interior a modern touch – no matter what type of traveler you are! So don’t wait - start updating your RV today! 

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