New year, same morning routine

New Year, new us, new you, let’s do this!  We’ve decided to share more of our lifestyle this year because we’re following our dreams, and we want to motivate others to make the most of today and follow your own dreams. 


If you’re new here, I’m Brooke, owner and creator of b.e.happe designs.  


In 2018 my husband, Jeff, and I both knew we wanted to maximize our time together and simplify our lives.  We made a MAJOR decision to sell our house and almost all of our belongings, to travel the country full time in an RV for an adventure of a lifetime and to grow b.e.happe!!!  Throughout the first half of 2019 we began downsizing to prepare and by July 2019 we sold our house and were officially Full Time RVers. Read more about how we downsized here


Yes – you read that right – we live in and work from an RV! 


Today we’re back to our daily routine and schedules.  We’ve found that a block schedule works best for us.  


After a slow morning and breakfast, the kids begin a quick round of cleaning up and chores before beginning their home schooling.  


We start with handwriting.  Kendall then begins coloring and pre-K activities.  One boy begins to read, while I spend 1:1 time with the other on math and spelling and then we rotate.   Language arts, science, and history/geography we can accomplish all at once per their level.  We have also been doing Rosetta Stone for Spanish three times per week.  


This takes us through to a later lunch, before our afternoon routine.  


Afternoons and evenings are dedicated to independent play,  learning, and working on b.e.happe. 


We are diving head first in 2021 on growing b.e.happe even more and so you will see a LOT of changes this year.  More stories, more videos, more blogs, new designs, new colors, and a closer look at our family and running this from a home on wheels – and less than 400 sq feet.