Organizing RV Kitchen : Tips and Tricks for Tidy Space

Organizing RV Kitchen for a More Efficient and Tidy Space

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of an RV. It is where the family gathers to cook meals, make snacks, and enjoy each other’s company. However, an unorganized RV kitchen can make it hard to enjoy the entire RV experience whether you are a full time RV travel family or love getting out in your RV whenever you can. With limited storage space and moving compartments, it can be challenging to keep everything in order. Here are some tricks and tips that can help with organizing RV kitchen and make cooking and eating while on the road a breeze.

Start by removing everything from the RV kitchen.

Cleaning and decluttering kitchen will give you a fresh start on the organization process. Take everything out of the cabinets and drawers to evaluate what you have and what you need. Sort everything into categories such as utensils, pots, pans, plates, cups, and food items. Toss outdated or broken items, if you have duplicated items determine if you actually need them. With the items that are remaining, assess if you have used the items since being in the RV. Not only is that item taking up space, but it is also adding weight to the RV. 


Utilize kitchen organizing tools

Investing in organizing tools such as shelf risers, cabinet organizers, and drawer dividers can help make the most out of your storage space and help with decluttering kitchen. These tools come in various sizes and configurations to fit each cabinet’s unique layout. Hanging racks can also create extra storage space for commonly used items such as pans and mugs. Clear stacking containers are helpful also as you are see what items are in the storage containers but also use the height of the RV cabinet. 

Keep kitchen items within reach

Optimize your RV kitchen cabinets' space by putting frequently used items in easy-to-reach areas. Keep cooking utensils near the stove and pot holders near the stove and oven. Store spices and oils near the cooking area for easy access. Place plates, cups, and bowls in easy to reach cabinet space or drawer to reduce the hassle of setting up the table.

Declutter Kitchen with Digital Cookbooks

Say goodbye to bulky cookbooks that take up valuable counter or storage space, by transitioning to digital cookbooks. Download them on your mobile devices, and you can easily find your next recipe or meal inspiration without hassle.

Organizing your RV kitchen cabinets, although time-consuming, can have a significant impact on your RV experience. It helps reduce clutter, makes meal preparation less challenging, and allows more efficient use of storage space. By following the mentioned tips and incorporating some of the organizing tools, you’ll enjoy a more efficient and tidier kitchen space on your next RV road trip.