23 Must have summer products from small businesses

There is nothing I love more than spending time with family and friends, creating memories to last a lifetime. That is why we sold our Iowa home and everything we owned to travel the U.S. I felt like time was fleeting and we were caught up in the busyness of life. Creating memories together can be as simple or elaborate as you desire. No matter what your plans are for the summer, here are some summer products that you can use that are ALL from small businesses. 

 Summer Products from Small Businesses

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Traveling with your baby this summer? Have you thought about where you will PUT your baby while traveling? The idea of traveling with a baby is a lot more manageable if you know you have a good place to put your baby while you are on your trip. 

You can use our Lay and Play Adventure Mat in the airport to let your baby stretch out and play during a layover (and do a diaper change too). Then you can set it up in your hotel so your baby has a great place to play when you need your hands to unpack or get ready. It’s also a  great spot for your baby to play poolside or on the beach, especially if you have a toddler to look after too! 

Super lightweight and compact so it easily fits into carry-on luggage, beach bags, diaper bags, backpacks and under your stroller so it is super simple to take with you anywhere you go.


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Summer is coming and you're going to be packing light. Keep your child's essentials in one place with this All-In-One Blanket and Wet/ Dry Bag dual. This uniquely designed blanket is lightweight, waterproof, and can double as a changing mat, picnic blanket, beach towel, or a handy upholstery protector when kids potty train with it’s soft and absorbent layer. (Yes, it’s both waterproof and absorbent!) Plus it's made to last for years! ❤️ Wash, dry, repeat, and dance with your happy wallet.


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When you head to the beach, lake or pool this summer wear a b.e.happe baseball cap. Protect yourself and your kiddos in one of our two styles of caps- Trucker Snapback + Dad Style Hat


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It’s fun to garden, isn’t it? There are times when you either don’t wear gloves, or need to take them off because it gets a bit hot. Your hands get sticky and dirt sets into your skin. When it’s time to clean up, regular soap just doesn’t do the job. Blue Cottage Lane makes a gentle sugar scrub with pumice and it works like a charm getting off all the dirt and grime. And the bonus? You have the benefit of all the emollient oils that moisturize your skin.


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After a day of summer fun, there is nothing better than going to sleep clean and refreshed. Gently cleanse away sunscreen, dirt, grime, and sweat and moisturize with Blyssen’s Simple 3 Step Routine Travel Set in under 10 minutes. Minimal water needed to wipe off cleanser, making this perfect for traveling and on the go.


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Calicle insulated bowls were created to be the ultimate ice cream accessory. Using vacuum insulation, these stainless steel bowls keep your favorite frozen treats at the perfect consistency, so you won’t have to worry about meltdowns (they keep their cool up to 200% longer than traditional bowls). They’re ideal for enjoying ice cream at home (inside or out), or pop on the included lid and take your treats along to a picnic, the pool or the beach. You can also bring them to your favorite scoop shop so you can savor every last spoonful without a soupy mess (and save a single use cup).


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Big John’s Bacon Snack Sticks are a great source of delicious protein. Made from the finest cuts of premium pork and are always free from nitrites, sugar, corn syrup and gluten, makes this the perfect KETO snack. Get your energy packed meat sticks today! Grab some for your trip to the beach, bicycling or camping. Your family will thank you!!


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Bring our reusable products to your next beach trip, mountain getaway, or amusement park this summer and have fun without all the plastic waste. Our bamboo cutlery set is lightweight and has everything you need to enjoy your picnic meal at your favorite park. Do your kids want a snack ALL the time? Pack them in our reusable snack & sandwich bags! Bring them with you wherever you go this summer.


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Dough ReMia's Doggie Dough (oven ready dog treats!) are a wonderful addition to a family picnic, baked fresh from your oven and made with premium, human grade ingredients that are vegan and gluten-free (wont' spoil in the hot sun!). They can also be served as is (no need to bake!) or frozen as a refreshing, healthy treat! BONE Appetit!


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These travel tumblers are the perfect way to keep your drinks cold while enjoying the outdoors. Our tumblers will keep drinks cold for hours and have a lid to help prevent dirt and bugs from getting into your drink. Pop a tumbler in the freezer an hour before you head out to add another layer of coolness to your drink.


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Being a cool kid during that time of the month can make summer activities, well, not so cool. So here are 3 ways to ensure your pre-teen is able to keep their cool during their period no matter the activity they're involved in. 1. Have the talk. Yes, life is busy, but having the period talk can ease your pre-teen's anxiety if they've not experienced their first period. Spare them a "first period nightmare" story and breakdown the period experience. 2. Create a period pack for them. Whether your pre-teen is having periods or not, they will be prepared. Include pads and liners, and a pair of period undies like FLOH Wear by UndiesLoft in a 1qt zipper bag. Don't forget something to aid with cramp relief. 3. Share a couple of naturopathic remedies with your pre-teen to support with focus including aromatherapy, chamomile tea, and relaxation techniques, such as guides breathing.

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Summer is so full of magic…travel, vacation, swimming and amusement parks. But also fireflies and sunsets. My Gnome on the Roam Adventure Kit is designed to help families like yours create adventures and capture the memories so that they become stories you can visit again and again…think of it as a time machine + a suitcase of memories waiting to be unpacked.


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If sunshine is in the forecast then you better have your Hella TL swimsuit at arm’s reach! Full of color, fun prints, and immaculate fit for all sizes, your vacation or backyard BBQ is going to be abuzz with your bangin’ handmade bathing suit.


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Summer calls for us to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. Go on long walks along the beach promenade, the park, or downtown with your baby in the stroller using the Levily® Stroller Sunshade. The main sail is backed with a UPF 50+ fabric, and thanks to the genius movable side sail, you can adjust the shade instantly - wherever the sun is coming from! Universal fit for parent-facing strollers, and it will definitely fit into any suitcase!

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My custom made GPS Coordinate Cuffs are the perfect way to wear a memory. Any location that is special to you, whether it was that hike you conquered, epic summer family trip, or simply your favorite spot in the world.


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Our products would be perfect for family hikes, beach trips, with your dog. Our weatherproof, waterproof accessories will let you include your pup on your family vacation and not worry about getting their accessories getting stinky, dirty, and destroyed. Once your adventure is over just wash our products with soap and water, and they will be like new!


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May Babe's Everyday Leggings are perfect for days at the beach. They're lightweight, buttery soft and sand (plus dog hair!) wipes off easily. The built in underwear means no chafing or panty lines, so you can take your beach wear to a relaxing dinner without having to change your clothes. 
May Babe's Equestrian riding leggings are perfect for a summertime trail ride with your closest friends or for schooling during the beautiful warm evenings. Lightweight and breathable tech fabric keeps you cool, while the comfort of the internal underwear allows for you to focus on your journey with your horse, not what you're wearing. 

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Small bag-big wardrobe. Dress to impress this summer without all the luggage. These gorgeous multi-wearable designs convert with your mood. Layer it as a vest for the morning market, convert to a flowy coverup for a day at the beach, transition to a classy diner dress in the evening, then a cozy campfire poncho at night.


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This skinny tumbler is the perfect accessory for your summer road trip or day at the beach. With the insulated steel, it will keep your drink cold while being environmentally friendly with the reusable steel straw.


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Mermaid Lagoon is a delicious, sugar-free alternative to lemonade to help quench the summer thirst. Make a big pitcher of this color changing blend for iced tea sipping - and be sure to add a little lemon or lime juice with your kids to watch the color change! Try making your iced cubes out of the tea as well (that way when the ice melts the tea isn't watered down) and squeeze a small amount lemon juice into the tray to see colorful ripples in your ice too!


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Peshtemal towels (Turkish towels) are the perfect summer activity and travel companion. Why? Because they are multi-purpose, dry super fast, and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Use them for anything from bath or beach towels to picnic blankets, to shawls, to bathing suit cover ups, to travel blankets and more. Perfect to throw in your bag and use for whatever you have planned.


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Busy toddlers and preschoolers have lots of energy to burn when waiting at restaurants, on planes, and in cars. Just because you're on the go this summer, doesn't mean your little ones can't enjoy imaginative play! The concept is simple: give kids real toys they can play with anywhere, and make them easy to transport and keep together. SO Handmade toys are designed to be practical when traveling, out to eat, or at Grandma's house for the afternoon. Now, travelling doesn't have to mean extra screen time. For example I have this amazing toy car playmat. It can hold 4 of your favorite cars. Jut put them into the pockets and roll it up and keep it handy in your travel bag. When your toddler is needing some entertainment bring it out wherever you are: restaurant, in the car or at the hotel. The play mat has roads and a bridge to zoom and drive around. I also have playmats for dino lovers, train enthusiasts and lots of other interests.


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Summer vacations create cherished lifelong memories, and the last thing we want is anyone getting the sniffles or scratchy throat. Bring our organic Elderberry Syrup with you. It tastes great and is safe for kids over one, while pregnant and nursing. Pop it in the cooler with the drinks and snacks, and hit the open road with peace of mind.