Brooke's Friday Favorites

There is nothing I love more than finding new items to help make life simpler! or in our RV! Here's a round-up of my 4 favorite items. 


Lily Brush

My friend Presley told me about the Lily Brush and it has been such an amazing item! Traveling around the U.S. with our RV means a lot of time in our truck with three kids, two dogs and....yarn in the truck.

This brush has been SO helpful with cleaning up the truck! 


Dome Dock

Living in less than 400 square feet means space is limited. Dome Dock has been a great item for our RV and storing baseball caps. We have two of them- one in the kids bathroom and one in our bedroom. What makes this item even better is that its a light weight item, American made and from a family-owned small business!

Brooke Happe’s favorite items in RV; b.e.happe handmade knit hat with faux fur pom
Midwest Girl Midwest Way Hoodie

It's no secret I love supporting small businesses. I try to purchase all my clothing from small businesses and The Midwest Girl is one of my FAVORITE brands. This hoodie may be my favorite item that I have ever purchased from The Midwest Girl. My favorite combination right now is the Midwest Way hoodie and our b.e.happpe Black Camo Trucker hat! Marissa has been kind enough to y'all a code to use for a discount: BEHAPPE for 10% off!


Simple Purposeful Living Meal Planner

This meal planner has been SO helpful with tiny living. A small refrigerator and pantry means that the food that we buy needs to have intention. I like to tear out the grocery list out for the coming week and hang it on refrigerator. I can write down items as things pop up for the next trip to the store. Then I can make my list of items needed when we meal plan. 


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