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 6 Must-Have Pet Products for RV Travel

For pet owners, traveling can be stressful but it is certainly possible to travel with your pets in an RV.  To make things easier on yourself and have piece of mind if you leave your pets in the RV, here are some must-have RV pet products that will make RV travel with your pets much smoother.

Collapsing Crate for Your Pet

A collapsible crate is an absolute must-have with RV travel. It provides them a safe and cozy spot to stay if they can not stay out in an RV.  Many of these crates are lightweight and fold down flat so they won’t take up too much space in the RV. 

Vehicle Seat Protector for RV

If you have a towable RV or are planning on taking your pet in the car with you, it’s a good idea to invest in a vehicle seat protector. This will protect the interior of your car from any dirt, debris and pet hair that might come off your pet during the journey. It will also provide extra grip for them if the road gets bumpy and help prevent them from sliding around when on the seat. 

Lily Brush for RV interior or Vehicle

One thing no one wants is for their pet to leave behind plenty of fur all over the interior of your vehicle or furniture. With two labs, this brush has been such a great tool when cleaning up the vehicles after travel days. A Lily Brush can help keep the hair problem at bay by removing fur from a variety of surfaces. There are multiple sizes available for this brush. This is one of my absolute favorite products and is definitely a must have RV pet product. 

Micro Air Thermostat to Keep the Pets Safe inside RV

If you plan on adventuring outside the RV without your pets, then having a Micro-Air Thermostat is essential. .The micro air thermostat is designed to regulate temperatures in your RV. This device helps to ensure that your RV is cool when you need it to be cool, and warm when you need it to be warm. The thermostat also comes with adjustable settings so you can customize how much heat or cooling is needed for any given situation. This product helps make the RV more comfortable in all types of weather conditions and can be controlled from your phone with an app. You can connect to your thermostat via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Nest Fire Alarm for Pet Safety

No matter how long you’re going away for from the RV, investing in a nest alarm system can give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected at all times while you’re away from home. The system allows you to monitor activity remotely via an app installed on your phone so that if anything goes wrong, help is just a few clicks away! Having a fire alarm in your RV is essential for safety reasons, as fires can happen anywhere — even on the road! 

RV Lock for Access to Pets

If camping is more your style when traveling with pets, then an RV lock is something worth considering investing in as well. It provides extra security for both humans and animals alike by allowing only those who enter the correct code into the lockbox access onto the property where RV is parked. Not only is the RV lock convenient for not having to bring your keys everywhere if you take a walk around the campground or resort, but being able to give someone at the campground the code so that they can help get the pets out of the RV during an emergency is important. 

When traveling in an RV with pets there are various products available that can help make things easier and safer for both yourself and them! From collapsible crates to RV locks, these items can ensure that trips go smoothly without any unnecessary hiccups along the way!

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