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RV Living Room Updates of Full Time Travel Family

When we decided to take our family on the road as full-time RV travelers, we knew that one of the first places we needed to update was our RV interior living room. We were excited to create a comfortable space for us all to relax in that felt like home, but also be functional as we would be starting our homeschool journey and focus on simplifying life to make memories together. After researching and organizing, we were ready to tackle this project and turn our RV into the perfect home on wheels.

Painting the RV Interior

The first things that we knew we wanted to do to the RV interior was paint it. When we were weekend warriors we had the inside of the RV painted and it brightened up the space SO much. Because we had a short timeline from when we got the RV to our home selling and the fact that we really dislike painting, we had the RV professionally painted. The professional painters used this primer:

painting interior of RV, primer used to paint inside of RV

This is the paint that was used on the ceilings and walls of the RV:

paint used to paint the interior of the RV, painting interior of RV

Removal of RV Window Valences

We removed the heavy window valences which opened up the space and gave your eyes a straight view to the big, beautiful RV windows. We left the original roller blinds that came with the RV and just removed the valence portion.

Dark Valences Above Windows

updating RV interior, removing RV window Valences


After Removing RV Window Valences

updating RV interior, removing RV window Valences


RV Accent Wall

I have always wanted to have some color in the RV, particularly green. I knew that painting the RV cabinets was NOT a task we wanted to tackle. While I knew that brightening them up your make a drastic change, our white cabinets in our home were always so dirty, that wasn't a something I wanted to deal with in a 42 foot RV. Green cabinets were out, so the other idea was painting the dark brown beadboard that went around the dining and living room green. The beadboard was sanded then painted two coats of paint for some colored accent in the RV.

The second update for accents to the RV living room was the Arrow LoomWell Wallpaper . I wanted a removable wallpaper in the RV so that if/when we got rid of the RV, the white painted wall would be neutral for them. We now have 7 LoomWell Wallpapers in the RV and they are my favorite. I have used other brands and they have not been able to tolerate the climate differences and have either fallen off or shrunk. You can use the code BROOKEHAPPE for 15% off your order.


full time RV travel family living room, updates to RV living room, RV decorating ideas

Personal Touches in RV

After making these changes, it was time to add some wall hangings to the RV. There were very few decor items that we brought with us to the RV but I loved the sign a friend made that said: In a world where you can be anything, be kind. It was a large accent wall hanging in our home, and the maker generously cut it down for me so that it would fit in the RV. We hang the sign with a small hook and remove it during travel. 

RV master bedroom updates, RV remodel ideas, RV bedroom decor

Changing RV Furniture

Since this was the first time we would be actually living in the RV, we wanted to see how the current furniture worked for our fulltime RV family lifestyle. The living room came with two reclining sofa chairs. We knew when we chose the Grand Design 3740BH that this would not work with a family of 5. There was a sleeper sofa in the kid's room under the bunk bed in the slide that fit so that was the first change. We sold our recliners within hours of posting on Facebook Marketplace and moved the sleeper sofa from the bunkhouse to the living room. This allowed for the kids to have room on the ground of the bunkroom to play. The sleeper sofa allow us as a family to sit on the couch and also if we had a guest to sleep there. 

The original furniture worked for a good year before we needed to make additional changes. With growing kids and doing homeschool in the RV we needed a bigger table. The sofa also was not fitting us with the kiddos growing. We searched for awhile before finding the Burton Leather Armless Seat from Living Spaces. We also found our table and chairs from Living Spaces.

RV couch, updating RV couch

Changing RV Flooring

The Grand Design 3740 BH Solitude RV that we have is a 2019 and the last year that they put carpet in the living room slide. Carpet under a dinner table with kiddos and a tiny space just didn't work. Since Grand Design was putting in linoleum into the slide we were able to directly purchase the floor from then and installed the flooring ourselves. 

Carpet in RV living room slide 

Removal of RV flooring, changing RV floor, fifth wheel remodel

RV slide after removal of carpet

Additional RV Accents

Other ways to make your RV feel like home is adding blankets, pillows or even a foot pillow. There are many people who have also added blinds to their RV. 

It feels amazing when you can make your RV interior living room feel like home no matter where you are in the world. With a few changes such as painting, wall hangings, new furniture pieces and accent pieces – you too can transform your RV interior living room into an inviting place you will enjoy spending time in while traveling full-time with your family!

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