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Discount Codes + Product Links


I am incredibly enthusiastic about the brands and businesses that have become an integral part of my life, ranging from RV products to professional services I access running b.e.happe. In collaboration with these organizations, distributing discount codes through my affiliate links offers me an opportunity to highlight the importance of the personal relationship I have with each brand. Every discount code symbolizes a unique story of engagement.

While providing reduced rates on products and services, these codes strengthen and support the partnerships between the brand and me. I'm thrilled to know that these discount codes offer me and my fellow patrons a chance to save some money while supporting these outstanding enterprises. It's a win-win situation!

Though it's important to note that some of these codes are affiliate links that have the potential to earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. So, when you use the discount codes, you contribute to sustaining these brands and businesses that I love and cherish. Hence, I appreciate your effort to help me with this initiative.


Midwest Girl | BEHAPPE for 10% off first order

Amazon Storefront | Link to Favorite Products on Amazon

ShopStyle Collective | Favorites


Beddy's Bedding | BEHAPPE for 15% off

LoomWell Wallpaper | BROOKEHAPPE for 15% off

Reds Gone Green Cleaners | happe for 10% off

Simple Purposeful Living | BEHAPPE10 for 10% off


RV Resorts

Camp Margaritaville RV Resort | BROOKEHAPPE for 15% off 


Small Business Services + Courses

Product Boss Multi-Stream Machine Program


Kids Products

Kiwi Co